@delta Is the full Delta Chat desktop app included in @debian yet? If not, any idea when that might happen?

@Forever it is. Driven mainly by organization that is also author of the biggest client and owner of the biggest server, and owner of the biggest homeserver hoster, and biggest contributor both in code and financially to the protocol.

@muppeth @strypey It's really sad. I try not to use Element and homeservers.

@Forever xmpp although some might think is dead, is doing pretty well. Recently conversations and siskin got native voip and on dino (linux) voip is on it's way. Gajim is about to release amazing version with new UI introducing workspaces and i think their voip works too.
All that on servers you can run on pretty much anything as it does not require almost no resources to operate. small light, privacy oritented, community drivem and battle tested solution.

@snikket_im is doing a lot of work to improve the UX and feature consistency of XMPP and recently got funded by NGI DAPSI.

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