A friend just set up a #Snikket (#XMPP) server, and I'm in awe. Granted it's not super mature, but it's already in a good position to get that polish that I expect from mainstream projects. And those are the projects that succeed.

This feels like software I want to get behind. Find more details around donation here: snikket.org/donate/

...and find my XMPP handle in my description. Bonus points if someone can teach me to use OMEMO outside Snikket. Say, #Pidgin on desktop? :)



OMEMO support in desktop jabber apps is a bit hit and miss at present. But one of Snikket's goals is to address that so we can have Snikket apps for desktop OS (and mobile GNU).

@strypey Yes it is. :(

I use #Dino as my desktop daily driver at the moment. Nothing else sticks.

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