For those of you who already voted and just found out wants to ban encryption, sorry about that. I'll do my best to make up for it when I vote.


Andrew Little is a well-meaning guy with limited tech knowledge and huge pressure on him from our 5 Eyes colonizers. Arming him and his circle with accurate tech knowledge they can grasp firmly, is the best way I can see to fight encryption backdoors. Write him a letter?

@strypey @vik our politicians need the grace and maturity to ask for advice from disinterested technology specialists (and not from corporate lobbyists, who'd probably be their first inclination, disturbingly). The reality is that credible, well spoken technologists are generally too rare & expensive to work in gov't or politics. Gov't will need to acknowledge its major skills gap and actively seek to fill it (using a flexible approach. E.g. I'd be willing to assist a few hrs/month) :) )

@lightweight @strypey Sadly, this is a Five Eyes + India & Japan thing, not just a local bright spark.

@vik @strypey yup, the US politicians (and others) driving this are thick as two planks. It's almost certainly a play by corporate interests to raise the bar for competitors, so only one or two become the gate keepers for everything by obsequiously pandering to political ignorance (while, behind the scenes, doing no such thing) because no one in gov't will ever know enough to hold them accountable.

@lightweight @strypey @vik Oh, they've been trying to fill the skill gap. They just can't recognize a well spoken technologist when they're staring them in the face.

Instead they insist on hiring sleezy self-marketers who give the aura of Silicon Valley.

@alcinnz @strypey @vik yup, so true. They need to recruit uncompromised technologists to help them identify uncompromised technologists...

@alcinnz @strypey @vik let's make sure that NZ drops the 5 Eyes alliance down to 4 Eyes in the coming year.

The problem is the other 4 eyes know where the bodies are buried, figuratively spea... er, stet.
@alcinnz @strypey

@vik @alcinnz @strypey then let's come clean now and let the chips fall where they may :) Transparency isn't always easy, but it's a worthy ambition. And it's necessary for a Democracy to be viable.

@strypey @vik I wondered how long it would take for that shoe to drop!

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