In the wake of the huge response to The Social Dilemma, I feel like the time has come to really push forward on Fyre Exyt, a project to create a detailed guide to escaping the datafarms.

I envisioned a page for each datafarm, to describe:

* what data users can export and how
* how to delete your account
* what liberating software / services could be the best replacement for various use cases of the datafarm

It's a big project. Anyone keen to help?

Maybe also guides for installing apps, choosing hosts, and creating accounts on replacement services.

Fyre Exyt is a project I've been envisioning since I quit FB in 2006 (?) to create a detailed guide to escaping the datafarms. Ideally it would take the form of a website or app that would walk users through the process. Anyone keen?

@strypey keen to help - already working on a lot of those things :)

@strypey I'm interested to both learn from this myself and contribute in any way I can

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @strypey @mpanhans exactly, plz don't be like #privacytoolsio. Do better. Resist the urge to sell out and refuse donations when there's a conflict of interest.

@strypey for more "motivated" participants, some version of obfuscation on MSM may also be suggested.

I read about this Android permissions/intents idea, of not denying apps permissions and feeding them random data instead. So people could drop existing follows on MSM, and instead follow and do posts on random tracks of interest - while doing regular stuff on community or self-hosted servers or P2P.

@strypey I'm in the middle of trying to do this.

I'm not feeling the replacements are ready for an average non-technical person (because they're too much work, or because they're not populated by non-technical people).

That said, What kind of help are you after?

@ialokim In that spirit, but with a much more detailed HowTo aspect.


@strypey (raises Dumb but Irate End User hand) I am. Teach me.

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