Finally got around to doing some more work on the fediverse article on Wikipedia. I wish people would stop adding references to XMPP and matrix there. This is at least the second time someone has had to remove them. If devs want their federated apps included there, they need to do the work to federate with the existing fediverse, not just declare themselves to be part of it "coz federated". Email is federated too, but nobody goes around trying to claim it's part of the fediverse.


We really need to come up with a less geeky word than "instance" to describe ... well ... instances. Also another word to describe accounts. On the Wikipedia page for the fediverse someone has tried out "identities", but it feels a bit clunky. I don't think it will take.

@strypey What's wrong with calling it a "server"? It's good enough for Discord.

@strypey There needs to be a single notion of what an "identity" is, in the context of the Internet (I specifically did not say "web"). Kerberos offers part of the solution already. I was actually thinking about something similar, but for a different set of services.

Could elaborate on those thoughts later, I suppose.

I think I saw somebody proposing "community" in a similar conversation, if I remember correctly this is even how it's written on the Mastodon startpages now...

@strypey I usually use "server", as that's caught on with kids these days to describe Discord servers

@strypey Totally agree re instances. Actually, server and account might sound geeky but at least they're words non-geeks are used to hearing.

They might not know what a server is but they've heard it's some kind of internet computer thing.

Account is fine. People have bank accounts etc.

We could try out other words for server, but they can sound a bit cheesy and vague: club, community, house... Idk.

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