Yet another "website" that displays a blank page with turned off:

Have these people not heard of HTML / CSS?!?


To add insult to injury, if I turn JS on so I can see what is, without using a tool like NoScript to do it selectively, it runs slave scripts from Goggle Tag Mangler in my browser. How rude!

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@strypey I'd suggest using "Searxe's Third-Party Request Blocker"

But yeah, that websites just not worth it.

#fediblock for #cloudflare and #JavaScript crimes /s

@abloo @strypey you're right about #FediBlock for #Cloudflare-powered #Fediverse instances though
I mean, if can detect Cloudflare 100% accurately, we can do this too, and therefore prevent privacy-invasive Fediverse instances from connecting to the whole Fediverse network. Or we will sandbox them, at least, I heard somewhere that fully blocking Fediverse instances is bad, but I don't know /shrug

@BlackWinnerYoshi What kind of privacy do you think you're protecting? The vast majority of the fediverse consists of public posts on sites that can be accessed with any tool that speaks web protocols. There's are a plethora of ways to harvest and mine the data, it's not private in any way, shape, or form. DMs are not E2EE, so they're about as private as email (except when people use PGP tools, Autocrypt etc). Once we solve these problems, Cloudflare is just another dumb relay.


@strypey @abloo eh, maybe you're right. But the Great Cloudwall of the USA does go down sometimes, and so do all websites powered with it (and other problems described in

@strypey @abloo @BlackWinnerYoshi the free and open (non-cloudflare) fediverse allows #Tor connections & thus the privacy of not revealing IP addresses (read: PII) while also preventing ISPs from tracking where their customers visit. #CloudFlare DoSes Tor users thus attacking #privacy. And if you so much as execute the #CAPTCHA j/s, you feed #hCAPTCHA, who then finances CloudFlare.

@BlackWinnerYoshi @abloo @strypey If you opt to give up your privacy to feed a CF'd #fediverse node, you also serve as an enabler of the privacy abuse of others. So doing a #fediblock on #cloudflare is of course necessary for privacy. Blocking CloudFlare is also the pro- #netneutrality move.

@NEETzsche @strypey JavaScript is a programming language designed to have a gif of a snowflake fall down on a christmas-themed website. Rumor has it that it was made in a week's time, rushed for Netscape.

It has evolved into cancer, however this cancer is here to stay and has been replaced with worse shit. For example, Etherum back-ends (that is, using Etherum as a web service rather than a currency, both infrustrucute and back-end) seem to be the new Dot Com Bubble.
@se7en @strypey I really think that the amount of resentment directed at JavaScript is unjustified. I'm more impressed with how far we've gone with JavaScript considering what a clunky piece of shit it can be than I am outraged that it does so much for us.
@NEETzsche @strypey You can make an entire OS using BASIC. That doesn't mean you should

@se7en @strypey Yeah well, people did make a lot of cool stuff with JavaScript and I’m not going to countersignal them for doing so. The web browsers of today borderline on operating systems unto themselves with how much you can with JS these days, and I find that to be pretty neat.

@NEETzsche @strypey A web browser is designed to emulate paper in a bastardized version of the hypertext concept. I hate that I personally have to use W3 in order to be a part of the modern internet.

@se7en @strypey Web browsers were designed to emulate paper in that fashion, yes, but they certainly are not designed with that in mind now. They just keep adding new stuff you can do in JavaScript; apparently you can do GPU parallel processing with it:

@NEETzsche @strypey This is a disturbing development, and one of the leading causes of modern computer illiteracy.
@se7en @strypey I'm not sure how this contributes to computer illiteracy, unless you take an extremely narrow view of what computer literacy entails.
@NEETzsche @strypey Modern Computer Illiteracy is the ability to know how to use a mouse to open a program, but knowing little to nothing else. Some of the most severe cases of computer illiteracy (which are real-world examples) are that they believe that Facebook /is/ The Internet, they believe that a printer is obsolite, and they believe that anything made before CY-2 is antiquated, outdated, and obsolite.

@NEETzsche So here's the thing. Computer languages are not created equal. Like tools in a carpenters tool box, they each have their pros and cons, and use cases for which they are suitable and unsuitable. There are a limited range of things for which JS is very useful and the correct tool. Using it for stuff like GPU parallel processing is like trying to use a screwdriver to drill a hole in cast iron. You might get there eventually, but it's not the right tool to do the job efficiently.


@NEETzsche Similarly, using JS to display and format text and images - or even audio or video elements - on a web page is like using a sledge hammer to knock a nail into a piece of wood. It breaks sites for people using text browsers, and often breaks accessibility too. It's a lazy habit, practiced by people who don't understand the tools they're using and don't care, as long as they get paid. Note that I say , not . There's a big difference.


@strypey @se7en What percentage of the population uses text browsers? Serious question. You're making an issue out of this, so this number should put into perspective how much this matters.

Because looking at this list here, the first top 10 browsers cover 99.49% of browsers. Let's say all 0.51% of the rest of browsers are text browsers or otherwise have no JavaScript support at all.

A website that relies on JavaScript would, out of a score of 100%, lose 0.51% due to those other browsers. Frankly, it's less than a percent, I would write that off as a non-issue considering the additional functionality that JavaScript offers. This, by the way, coming from someone who pregenerates comments on his blog using Jekyll specifically to avoid overreliance on scripting in general, front or back end.

@strypey Their site also looks disastrous on mobile. Maybe it's just my phone but so many elements are broken, cut in half, spilling over other elements, and hard to use. I guess they weren't thinking about mobile users either...

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