I need an Android keyboard that will let me type Māori words with the macrons over the vowels. Ideally, one that can be installed from F-Droid (I don't mind adding a custom repo if necessary)? Can anyone recommend a free code keyboard for that can do this? One that has a plug-in system, with a Māori or Latvian keyboard layout available, would be fine.


My best solution so far for typing Māori vowels (ā, ē, ī, ō, ū) on Android has been to search for words in maoridictionary.co.nz and copy'n'paste them. But this is an ugly hack and if there isn't a more convenient way, that's a problem that needs solving. Today I found maori.typeit.org, which is a slightly less ugly hack, but still far from ideal.

@strypey First keyboard I find that is 'free' github.com/klausw/hackerskeybo appears to work fine with those vowels.

@LovesTha @strypey My default keyboard on a CarbonROM (android 10) offers macrons along with other accents on a long press. It seems to just work from that perspective ... ?

@yojimbo @strypey most keyboards I've experienced have that function

@yojimbo Just before I saw your post, I was idly wondering if the advice given about iThings in the comments here:

... would work on Android too. Turns out it does, on one of my Androids.

The other Android is an Oppo I bought 2nd hand in China. The default English keyboard is a bit more limited, as you'd expect, because it's only intended for times when Chinese users have to use the European alphabet. I still need a liberating solution for that device.

@LovesTha @vik

@yojimbo @LovesTha @strypey used to use Swiftkey until it got Microsofted, at which point I realised that the default AOSP (Android Open Source Project) keyboard was A-ok, and has the long press features (including macrons!)...

@lightweight @yojimbo @strypey I'm happy with AOSP, but I like the improvements that grammarly suggests

@yojimbo @LovesTha @strypey (I should note, my keyboard is the default with LineageOS - I *assume* it's the default)

@yojimbo Happen to know which keyboard software is used by CarbonROM?

@strypey They don't add anything in particular, so it'll be the current AOSP default.

I picked them because they're still maintaining for the Nexus 4, which is a phone I've needed to resurrect recently and Lineage have dropped it. @lightweight might appreciate that one of their core devs plays Ultimate :-)

@strypey Possibly knowing which Android version people are on might help you identify when the default keyboard became useful :-) Like I said earlier, mine is Android 10.

@yojimbo @strypey nice! Would you believe today was my boy Seb's first day of Ultimate (ever) at school (it's a summer sport option at Intermediate!) and we were literally just outside tossing a disc :)

@strypey I use AnySoftKeyboard. The english QWERTY Latin keyboard (see screenshot) has a bunch of those.

Download the Spanish AnySoftKeyboard on fdroid (that's the base keyboard.) It should have that layout already installed. (iirc)
@strypey wait, It was in "AnySoftKeyboard - Alternative Keyboards Pack"
@strypey unfortunately that one only seems to be available from google play though.
(Also sorry about the spam)

@abloo F-Droid has lots of keyboard layouts for the Anysoft Keyboard, but I couldn't see the keyboard itself there. Which is weird, because it seems to be free code under an Apache 2.0 license:

Apparently this is a known issue, but the F-Droid crew need help with fixing it?

Apparently it turns up as 'Indonesian' at the moment...

@strypey don't those options come up if you hold the key? If not see if "Hacker's Keyboard" helps any.

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