I found this via some searches on peer.tube , which turned up this conference talk looking at the datafarming habits of menstruation apps: media.privacyinternational.org

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Nothing to hide, eh? Everyone has something to hide. Imagine you used an app to track how often you have sex, including masturbation. Still don't care what data apps share with their owners, and sell to ad network companies like Goggle and Farcebook? Menstruation apps are an example of an existing type of app collecting data that sensitive, with no serious international regulations around who the app owners can share that with.

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@strypey I'd often thought it would be almost trivial for well resourced conservative religious organisations to use data like this as well as existing adtech and carefully nudge cishet couples into "stable lifestyles" and encourage them to breed (TBH they could well already be doing this..)

@strypey You can also follow them using Mastodon or Pleroma by following @privacyint 😄

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