@strypey Be sure to remove the tape from the battery (I couldn't figure out why mine didn't charge .. also you have to charge and reboot it before the Wi-Fi will work)

@djsumdog Thanks for the tips. I read the little 'quick start' info cards that came with it, which mentioned a few little gotchas like that :)

@vik 😂 That was just what I used to open the box, but then I thought I'd put it in to personalize the photo.

@strypey How's the pmOS image? It wasn't very usable last time I tried it on my Braveheart, but I'm sure it's come a long way since. Have they gotten the camera working yet?

> How's the pmOS image?

TBH I haven't actually got around to setting it up yet. I'm a bit nervous about handling it too much before I get a protective case for it. Also I'm still thinking about how I'll distribute functions between my old Android and the PP, especially which one to actually use as a cell phone. As we discussed here (sorry I haven't replied to your last post there yet):

@djsumdog @Tyger @vik @bigblen

@strypey Cool! I hope we'll get a report on experience in due course...

I got mine a month back, really impressive device. Hows the batterylife with postmarket?

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