about.a wiki that tells users if there are existing hackerspaces in a particular place (eg the city they live in), or people in that area interested in starting one:

@strypey Yeah, that's been around for a while. There are talks about someone making a successor to it since it's old and the code's a bit outdated, but I don't have specifics.

@logomancer Cool, thanks. I'm going to be AFK for most of this week but I look forward to hearing what comes out of it. If you're going to the workshop, one possibility you could mention is using something like YUNOhost, so that each hackerspace can have its own set of community-hosted services. The new could then aggregate data published on each YUNOhost instance, using something like Murmurations:


murmurations not accessible from Tor browser.

Still, is there any value in "federating" sites with something other than Ward Cunningham's federated wiki? . Assuming the old webring way or FOAF Indieweb wouldn't be attractive today ...

@logomancer @strypey @wyatwerp now that it loaded, this kind of looks like what the semweb and json+ld people were trying to get people to do for years.

fedwiki weird. Yes. But that guy is so brutal with the simplicity that it is that way. Maybe wiki itself was weird when it first appeared. His wiki on is a little weird still, compared to Wikipedia and the ilk.

But te way is the least effort way. So seems the fedwiki way, although I don't know complex it is on the backend.

@logomancer @strypey
@wyatwerp @logomancer @strypey c2 gives me outdated tls warnings :blobcatsurprised:

i have a bunch of math and diagrams in my notes and fedwiki doesn't like math and diagrams too much. but if you were just doing meeting minutes or something it would probably be fine.
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