"We have recently released open source speech recognition library 9 for Android ... It doesn’t require internet connection and Google services ... Supports 9 languages - English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese. More to come."

FYI @sunquan @mike_hales Vosk can recognize speech in Chinese. I presume they mean Mandarin, but ...

@icedquinn I'd like to see Hindi, and at least one major African language added next. It's great that Vosk is already supporting a number of languages that aren't from western European.

@strypey i just need an english one that actually works :blobcatoh:

i haven't seen how they built this. is it one of those fancy AI thingers?
@strypey looks like it.

good thing with these is you really just need a collection of speakers to read words and send you wavs. usually there's just no dataset available to work with, so the language doesn't get supported.


i kind of wish voiceloop's architecture showed up in more places, but i guess it wasn't very influential.
@strypey Wow thats great news 😍 So there is a platform which apps could use. Dear #frediverse #fdroid people think of neat ideas.

Sill beginner one from me, how about we tell a word and it gives out the dictionary meaning? 💛
@pavi @strypey not free/libre/open source but an Indian academic effort to get the intonation right for Indian languages
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