"Hacker News readers who visit the site to learn how engineers and entrepreneurs talk, and what they talk about, can find themselves immersed in conversations that resemble the output of duelling Markov bots trained on libertarian economics blogs ..."

This got a hearty chuckle from me.


"These are people who spend their lives trying to identify all the ways they can extract money from others without quite going to jail,” he wrote. “They’re people who are convinced that they are too special for rules, and too smart for education. They don’t regard themselves as inhabiting the world the way other people do; they’re secret royalty, detached from society’s expectations and unfailingly outraged when faced with normal consequences for bad decisions."

ie textbook narcissists

"The tech industry as a whole is having its own Eternal September. The world, with all its experiences and opinions, has come flooding in, and technologists are now reassessing the consequences of the systems and structures they have built or inherited. Some of these systems are social, and include the general modes of thought and expression that Hacker News embodies."

I'm mystified by this trope that hacker culture and Silicon Valley startup culture are one and the same.

It's like someone in Revenge of The Nerds 2 telling Lambda Lambda Lambda that they come from the same culture as the jocks, because they're also in a fraternity, with some jock members (ie Booga). It's absurd, and it says more about the ignorance and entitlement of the people saying it than it does about anything to do with hackers.

@bob Exactly. There's overlap in some of the skills required, and hackers need day jobs. Especially in the US where you can't even get basic health care without enough income for health insurance or an employer who covers it. But these days a similar overlap exists with the spy business, with some hackers taking day jobs in spy agencies. That doesn't mean spy agency culture is the same thing as hacker culture.

@strypey you mean i can go to school, get debt and mental illness, then graduate to serfdom where i beg and plead for a job where all of my labors and time are property of ... someone who couldn't be bothered to do all that?

I know which side of that deal I'd rather have :blobcatwink:
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