"we need both high-level systemic change and widespread individual behavior change. That’s one of the lessons of the coronavirus pandemic: “flattening the curve” demands both central planning and leadership, and individual sacrifice."


The 'Planet of the Humans' documentary has been censored on YT using a copyright technicality, but is still available on :

... and at .org

@strypey I got mine off Pirate Bay. It's really good. A lot of it I already knew, but I didn't realize the extent to which The Sierra Club was in bed with big energy. I shouldn't be surprised though.

@djsumdog take it with a grain of salt. It's intended to start a necessary debate. But Moore and his buddies are not famous for fair and balanced reporting ;)

@strypey oh I know. I've had several issues with their other documentaries. And this one had the same quick cuts, terrible editing and some of the same emotional draws. I still think a lot of what they said is valid, and I've known about the oil that goes into "green" production for years.

A really good documentary is Collapse with Michael Ruppert (RIP). It covers a lot of this too, and a lot more.

@djsumdog greenwashing is definitely a thing. But I think PotH heavily overstates the degree to which environmental NGOs are complicit in that. It's treatment of Bill McKibben is deceptive to the point of libel.

@strypey I thought a lot of what was in it was either debunked or really out of date?

@MrNarrow I questioned a lot of the details even as I watched it. But censoring it is not the way to deal with that. It does raise some important questions about the way climate change is being addressed as a single issue, rather than holistically as part of the larger environmental crisis. They blame an overly cozy relationships between some environmental NGOs and industry players, which may or may not be the cause, and I think they overstate that case. But that's not unusual in activist films.

@strypey yes I disagree with censorship in general. I really question the motives of the film though, in a lot of ways I feel it does more harm than good for the cause, basically giving people more justification to continue burning fossil fuels and ignoring greener alternatives.

Do yourself a favour, watch some of the videos debunking it if you haven't already, you'll see that a lot of the information in the film, is so out of date that it can largely be ignored.

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