Hey people who run ISPs and other businesses that offer hosting services, have you thought about putting a small fraction of your revenue into a fund (managed by you or with a consortium of others) that can be used to pay developers to work on some of the free code software you business depends on? Particularly those components that quietly do their job in the background, and struggle to get funded any other way.

Wouldn't it make more sense for them to hire FOSS devs and contribute bugfixes?

@uint8_t if your core business relies on that software, you're almost guaranteed to find a bug or missing feature that nobody else has stumbled upon. You're gonna need that developer anyway.

@wolf480pl there are still many tiny ISPs with just a few people

@Strypey Good idea in general, but having recently investigated if/how to setup a hosting business I came to the realization that margins for most businesses in this sector must be incredibly tight. So probably noch much money to be found there sadly.
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