I'd love to see meetup.com live on as a #coop!

I really believe the #cooperative business model is how we win this war on #capitalism.

#socialism #leftists #CapitalismFails

Remember when WeWork bought MeetUp.com before their real estate scam of a business model imploded? Zebras Unite are agitating for WeWork to sell MeetUp to its members, making it a platform cooperative:

#WeWork #Meetup #ZebrasUnite #PlatformCooperative


Apparently the MeetUp horse has already bolted :(

But as with the BuyTwitter campaign, I think the underlying concept is still worth boosting.


@strypey I'm just posting things and then seeing you've already covered them today... I just asked about this on your OP haha. Thanks for the heads up!
@strypey I really need to pay more attention to timestamps :\
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