Remember when WeWork bought before their real estate scam of a business model imploded? Zebras Unite are agitating for WeWork to sell MeetUp to its members, making it a platform cooperative:

If MeetUp does become a co-op, maybe it could join the conversation about federating events over ActivityPub with Mobilizon, GetTogether, Gancio, Gath etc.


@strypey Why bail out the current investors for a simple CRUD web app? Just take that money and build a new one.

@strypey It's almost like the founders wanted to get rich and thus sold out their vision to the unicorn game.

@raucao the software is not what makes the company valuable. It's the massive user base and their data. Yes, you could try to convince all the existing MeetUp group coordinators to move to the various free code alternatives, and I'm all for that. But it's no easier to organize for the entire user base than an 'exit to community' is.

@strypey You're essential arguing that we should pay the slave masters for giving the slaves just a little bit more freedom in their current location, even though the slaves can voluntarily leave entirely. Not any better than bailing out wannabe unicorns IMO.

@strypey If another service is good enough, then it's very easy for meetup organizers to move their users to be honest. If users care about a meetup, and signup is easy, then they will go wherever they need to.

@strypey Also, with that kind of money you could properly invest in migration tools anyway.

@raucao you go organize that. If you achieve more than Zebras Unite, then you've proved your point. But I've been trying to facilitate alternatives to MeetUp and FB for social event organizing for almost a decade. Despite a multitude of projects building free code events sites, we have yet to achieve feature parity, let alone mass exodus from the datafarms. It might be that the socio-economic side is harder than the tech side.

@strypey LOL, no. You said someone should bail out the current investors using millions of dollars. I said if you're going to raise millions of dollars, start a new site. Me organizing raising millions of dollars to prove a point in a discussion is about the silliest response you could have chosen to prove yours.

@raucao that's what I thought. It's a lot easier to criticize from your armchair than to achieve anything yourself.

@strypey Come on. You're not even addressing *anything* I'm saying now. Asking someone to raise a million dollars to prove a point is objectively silly, and I'm also not just criticizing from an armchair, but you wouldn't care, because you're not even interested in exploring my argument at all.

@strypey If I were as snarky as you, I'd now tell you that you not being able to link me to anything that's even remotely decent is proving my point far better than me not raising a million dollars is proving yours.

@raucao your signal-to-noise ratio has dropped well below the point of being useful. I'm just going mute you for a while.

@strypey That's also a way to admit to not having a point at all. Thanks for not wasting my time any longer for now.

@strypey It might be that nobody tried hard enough and all existing alternatives suck. I have never seen a usable, high-quality alternative to be honest.

@strypey (I'm happy to change my mind if you can point me to an example.)

> Why bail out the current investors for a simple CRUD web app?

> all existing alternatives suck

You seem to be having a robust debate with yourself about this. I'll leave you to it ;)

@strypey How so? You still refuse to address my actual point, which is 100% in line with these two statements.

@raucao @strypey I used to believe in the idea of 'build a better XYZ' but it's not that simple... I'm sure people have made far superior analogs to, but it's about the community that's already there and how ubiquitous it's become with IRL meetups. I hate the idea of single entities centralization of the internet, but as far as these things go meeup was managed better than most compared to something like FB or Google.

@self @strypey And no, I didn't say you can simply build something better and they will come, by the way.

> we should pay the slave masters for giving the slaves just a little bit more freedom in their current location

If the prisoners own the prison and choose to stay there, is it still a prison? Or does it's become that commune in The Walking Dead ;)

@strypey @raucao I basically just cloned this comment before realizing it existed :\ haha
@strypey Is this all still going down? I got really excited before noticing the article was six months old.

@kavbojka Damn. Oh well, maybe the Zebras could unite around a federated meetup platform like GetTogether or Mobilizon?

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