I've come across a lot of people in the fediverse who appear to be using Mastodon, but I think would find the privacy model of Diaspora much more to their liking. If Diaspora ever has a change of heart and decides to federate over ActivityPub, and produce some user-friendly web videos etc explaining how the Diaspora UI works, I suspect they would have a huge uptick in users. I can certainly think of people I'd encourage to migrate there.

@strypey They'd also need reliable mobile clients. I dunno if it's just me, but having read the bug reports I suspect not.


@vik if they implemented the AP C2S spec, as well as the S2S spec, then generic AP client apps could be forked for use with Diaspora (to add UI for D* specific stuff like aspects). In fact, that could be the place to start, for third-party developers who want to help move D* in this direction.

@strypey Otherwise I guess there's the equivalent of a Mastodon/Twitter cross-poster somewhere?

@vik maybe, but don't crossposters only really work for public posts?

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