Hooray! Pleroma Officially Releases 2.x Series

Pleroma, the beloved microblogging platform powered by Elixir, is now in the 2.x series and offers some pretty awesome changes! wedistribute.org/2020/03/hoora

"The frontend is faster, the theming system has evolved more, users can now mute entire domains from their timelines ..."

Exactly where that sort of filtering power belongs, with the user. Go Pleroma!


@strypey One can mute entire domains in Mastodon and Friendica as well :)

@strypey The user! In Mastodon open user's profile and in the dropdown next to "follow/unfollow" button you'll find the option "hide everything from <usersdomain>". A great helper in muting domains that send tons of spam (ab)using popular hashtags.


@lightone fantastic! Admins now have a strong argument for refusing ideological instance blocks, in that users can DIY for their own feeds.

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