there are a bunch of projects still on SourceForge, because they were founded when that was the main (even the only) web-based code forge available for open development. Most of them don't realize that ever since the adware scandals:

... being hosted on SF is bad for a project's reputation. Would it be worth approaching them about migrating to a self/ community-hosted code forge that intends to implement ForgeFed?

@strypey article is from 2015. sourceforge has been bought out again since then and the current management purged the adware.

@icedquinn not really the point. The reputational damage is done. Besides which, the SF platform is a relic from the late 90s and is really showing its age. If projects are operating a web-based forge because they seek contributions from the free code developer community, SF is no longer the place to be.

@strypey where should they be? github is owned by an organization who spent half its existence subverting and demonizing the FOSS movement, so we have to conclude that's out too right?

if we're going to treat sins as permanent markers, you're saying we should go to gitlab or sourcehut.

I addressed this in the second part of the OP and it was the main point of that post.

@strypey But this is old news from 5 years ago. They have changed management since the, right?

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