"Running on the Hurd was always a goal for Guix, and supporting multiple kernels is a huge maintenance burden. As such it is expected that the upcoming Guix 1.1 release will be the last version featuring the Linux-Libre kernel. Future versions of System will run exclusively on the , and we expect to remove entirely by Guix 2.0."


@strypey wow, if this were true, then I can expect soon KDE, GNOME, LibreOffice, Inkscape, Telegram, and other favorite programs really coming to GNU/Hurd system. The phrase "Running on the Hurd was always a goal for Gui..." is very new to me and it is amusing so much. Thanks strypey for bringing this to me.

#guix #gnu #hurd #freesw #future

@strypey ah, I am glad to have added "if this were true...". I should be more careful right now. Thanks for warning me.

@strypey thanks, I'm still waiting for a new computer to do testing new things including GNU/Hurd.

@strypey you are right! Yes, my computer is too old it doesn't have Intel VT. Dualboot? I am quadbooting right now and my hard disk space is already full. In my country, we must be accustomed to live with such facility limitations.

Strypey, thank you for reminding!

> I am quadbooting right now

You have 4 different partitions, each with their OS installed? Wow! I've never gone beyond tri-booting :)

@strypey yes, it is like that more or less. But that's not important, the point is I lack all facilities needed to do experiments. That's why I am so slow writing in blog.

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