What software can you advice for #zrtp encrypted voice calls / video conferencing?

(boost welcome, and come back later to check the answers if you don't have one by youself)

And if not something with zrtp anything providing similiar safety.

I've heard #jisti desktop does so, but not by default. So I'm not shure if it is safe to use at all, cause I don't know if by a bug it will just switch back to unencrypted.

Then there is #jami and #qtox.
Thought there wasn't any auditing for them and I've seen both projects spreading misstrust towards the other, leaving me confused.


@hambibleibt the biggest problem with from a POV is the fragmentation across OS platforms. Apps for some OS have group chat, while others don't. Anyone could develop an app compatible with the protocol set uses, but the dev team has an app for each major OS, and features roll out across all of them at the same time. Jami also seems to progress steadily, while Tox dev seems to have been in hibernation for some time.

@strypey @hambibleibt tox devs are probably busy circjerking in their private irc channel

@dwaltiz that would imply some shared agreements about how to implement a jerk protocol ;P

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