I've been testing again after a number of software updates. Text chat performance has improved markedly. It's delivering each message quickly, and in order. Users can now send both voice messages and video messages, which is great for doing voice/ video chat on patchy network connection. Now I'm excited for the group text chat feature to ship!

to @AmarOk and the rest of the @Jami team for all the great work they're doing :)

I spoke too soon ;) I continued testing Jami and hit a number of problems with text messages delivery, even though the other user shows up as online, and with video message delivery. Something to do with the connection between the UI and the network daemon perhaps? Voice message was worked pretty reliably, but now it's giving me an error "unjoinable peer".

Thanks for testing and reporting back! I fear that without a bucket load of money it will be hard to set up reliable infra..I wish there was a decentralized effort I could help crowdfund.

> I wish there was a decentralized effort I could help crowdfund.

There are *heaps* of decentralized efforts you could help crowdfund! Jami, for example, is entirely P2P (no servers). I suspect it would be help tremendously to have a paid designer or two to work on the and coordinate formal testing. That way, the engineers could focus their time and energy on improving the performance of the back-end, and adding features.

What do you think @AmarOk ?

Sure, it would be awesome to have designers imho. I am not a designer at all and UX work is not where we are good. There is a lot of new design challenges here.

However, I don't think we need crowfund/money. If somebody want to give money, please help other projects/people/stuff. There is a lot of people who needs support and love outside.


@strypey Note that we do have servers. No servers needed != no servers at all. There is TURN/STUN servers to pass through the NAT, Nameservers to register usernames, dhtproxy to help mobiles, bootstraps to give an entrypoint to the network. Everything is optional, but can help


Are you saying you can afford to employ a UX designer with your current budget?


@Jami could surely use improvement. UI is a bit obscure and unstable (MacOS). Backend may not be 100% either - some video & audio issues? Right now I wouldn't invite a friend who's not willing to do informal user testing.
@kavbojka @AmarOk

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