Maybe it's just because this is where my interest lies, but reading a few takes on how to Fix The Web yesterday I really think a major issue are the discovery hueristics we use. Their incomprehensibility and shallowness promotes the bad and buries the good.

There's PLENTY of good links! Otherwise I'd be wanting to tear The Web down rather than just JS...

I created Odysseus to explore some partial solutions, but I'm keen to see others address the problem from a different angle! Links? Advice?

@alcinnz I still only have a vague idea of how the is meant to work, but that could be part of the solution. At least part of what's allowed platforms to overtake protocols is their ability to recommend related stuff. As I understand it, semantic web is about defining protocols for that.

@strypey Yeah, I think the Semantic Web is very useful for this!

I've already implemented a discovery mechanism which tracks encountered links to display as "personalized recommendations", which is working very well for me without any needing any data gathered by a service like Pocket.

Also it could aid gathering more interesting metadata on which to search, though that would always need to be curated to be useful.

@strypey Can't say I'm all that convinced by the SoLiD efforts, so no. It hasn't even crossed my radar.

Reading that page, it mostly sounds like fierce argument I don't feel confident to comment on.

@alcinnz oh? I haven't caught up with the latest comments. But from memory there are links to a couple of AP projects I added to the watchlist on the wiki:
* :
* ( server):


I have been cross-posting from that thread to the #solid forum in hopes to trigger more cooperation.

I have concerns about how Solid core team (TBL, Inrupt et al) is handling things, and apparently there's tension/frustration in the community too about this.

@alcinnz @strypey

Some earlier stuff I posted:

And on their (confusing) positioning:

The biggest problem imho is that core team are navel-gazing, prefering to work in closed group. They are not building community.

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