The author makes good points on the sufficiency of #RSS for content providers to push out public updates. I guess it still holds for the biggest providers - middle-persons like publishers or record studios - who can't directly use audience feedback.

For independent content creators, audience engagement is where RSS is insufficient. An independent journalist writing on, say #Plume, has a good feedback path.

#ShowerThoughts ala @strypey @strypey

With #CryptoCurrency around, is there an #ActivityPub or #Zot "plug-in" for a 'Contribute' button alongside the 'Boost' button? Clicking it would ... open your crypto-wallet with a transaction populated with everything but the contribution amount.

It would loosen the hold ad networks have on content creators.

Are there URI schemes to prefix crypto-currency addresses with?

> is there an or "plug-in" for a 'Contribute' button

Good question. Maybe GNU could be useful here? It's designed to accept payment in a number of forms, while protecting the of the payer. Clicking the 'contribute' button could trigger a transaction on a Taler instance on the same server.


Good point.

A GNU project, which might be a reason why they thought of accommodative policy and efficient design alternatives to proof-of-work.

@wyatwerp from memory, Taler can accept payments in crypto-tokens, but it doesn't depend on them.

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