@witchescauldron I'm not sure exactly what's being proposed here. Can you explain the vision in a bit more detail?

@strypey the search is pretty stratfoward #4opens approach to replace Google gatekeeping in search with #openweb projects supplementing then replacing the #dotcons in this. Up to the #fashernistas if this is then pushed mainstream. Still worth doing if this dose not happen.

The #OMN side is currently focused on #indymedia reboot and #resistanceexabition public archiving. Its a wider project, but build it out practical and focused #KISS

> replace Google gatekeeping in search with projects

OK, that's a good general goal, but what specific approaches are you proposing for achieving it?

@strypey for the search its about finding crew to script the new #openweb apps search plugins for searchx project to add to there repository and use on our instance.

You know anyone intrested?

@strypey clearly not this, though nice project. Nothing new is a first good step for #4opens projects that plug into working networks. In the search am ONLY talking about scripting github.com/asciimoo/searx/wiki a #mastodon and #peertube for searx would be a start and adding these to there github. We would test them and roll them out here openworlds.info

Focues is a good way of challanging the #geekproblem and #KISS is a good way forward.


@witchescauldron Scripting plugins for would be something new. If Searx could include relays in their meta-search sources, that would allow Searx instances to search the entire , not just Mastodon and PT.

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