I hear is dropping support for the legacy protocol soon. If you want to stay connected with folks on any of the remaining (or postActiv) instances, I suggest setting up an alt on .

@strypey Pleroma should probably wait for GNU Social to finish their ActivityPub implementation before dropping support.

@njoseph @strypey Pleroma 2 is now out, and they dropped OStatus.

The rationale is that GNU Social now has AP, but the official status of GS is muddy, and I don't know if any service other than loadaverage.org and dev servers run the AP-capable branch.

@clacke has held out a lot longer than . Pleroma instances admins who want to keep support a bit longer can always stay with 1.x for the time being, and maybe backport stuff from the 2.x branch.

has plans for projects that may help move full AP support into the mainline codebase.


@strypey @njoseph Wow, those projects are heavy. I wouldn't dare commit to delivering one of them in just three months.
@strypey @clacke #ActivityPub support is already in the #GNU_Social (2.0.0-dev) codebase that many instances currently use, it just isn't working so well (from what I can tell, Mastodon signatures don't verify). They're working on fixing that
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