As far I'm concerned only the original trilogy is definitely canon. Everything else I evaluate on the basis of whether it fits with the characters, universe, and plot arcs of the originals. Neither the prequels nor the sequels are canon in my eyes.

Now you warsies know how we trekkers feel about the abramsverse! :0171:

@cowanon I'm also a trekkie ;) I enjoyed the Abrahms Trek movies and I think the SW sequels would have been better if he had made all three. YMMV.

@strypey Two of the three sequels are canon, but not the last one because they cowardly backed away from the idea that the Force isn't a fucking birthright of having a "correct" bloodline and the hints at the Force maybe being more grey than just a dark and a light side. The Last Jedi was mostly good because it actually took the story somewhere new. Rise of Skywalker was cowardly and uninspired.

@ink_slinger we're not going to agree on this. I think all 3 were a design-by-committee mess, that added no new story worth mentioning (just a rehash of the rebellion against evil empire narrative), and shat all over the original characters. For example ...

> the idea that the Force isn't a fucking birthright

The force was never about birthright in the originals. Luke developed force abilities because he trained *hard* to develop them. Leia didn't just have them because Vader was her father. The family connection was there to give the story emotional weight. Would the originals have made any sense if Vader wasn't Luke and Leia's father? The birthright problem was created by Rey having super strong force powers with no Jedi training.

@strypey I think people are overreacting about that. Everybody had so many different expectations they build up in their heads. I personally enjoyed the last couple of movies very much.

@slv I thought the first one was OK, mainly because it wasn't as bad as the prequels. The other two were a directionless mess. YMMV ;)

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