@strypey OMG this looks like the garden of eden!! wow! How far we've fallen:(

@LPS true, but food forest development shows that it's possible to undo a lot of the damage within a human lifetime. Imagine if bioregions had 7 generation plans for restoring the life support systems of !

@strypey i dream of the day. I agree it's totally possible. Right now the best thing we could do is just stop the bleeding. Removing incentives for large Agricultural and instead supporting things like this. I 100% believe that incentives matter.

@strypey the french are very much into permaculture but the videos are in, you guessed it, french:)


@LPS that's cool. Is there anything on the PeerTube roadmap about adding automatic speech>text for captions (for the hearing impaired), and support for human and/or machine translation of those captions into other languages?

@strypey I couldn't tell you but I really hope so. My wish list is simply that federation works consistently and they release a version with livestreaming ... right now there are still no options outside of twitch (evil) and YT (evil) :( But it is on the roadmap.

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