Membership of (Federated Networks Association) is 1 Euro per month, which works out as about US$13 per year, (or NZ$20). I'm going to join, and if you are a software creator or activist working towards federated replacements for any centralized digital technologies, I encourage you to consider doing the same:

@jaywink am I correct in thinking that paid membership comes with access to accounts on all the Feneas services? How does that work where I already have accounts under the same email address (eg Git and Discourse)?

@Strypey Paid membership comes with possibility to use all services that are not all available otherwise, like Nextcloud. For GitLab, the private repository limit is lifted for members. When joining, ensure to give your GitLab user ID and our Ansible driven membership flow will automatically be able to apply the limit to your existing GitLab account :)

But otherwise there wont be conflicts. You'll just be able to use LDAP to login to your Discourse, assuming the email matches.

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