Is there a metadata standard for tagging software releases, so that sites like the Free Software Directory ( ) can automatically list the latest release without human maintainers having to constantly check for new releases? Could this be part of the spec?

I assume the standard includes a place to put the version number and release date for software packages, maybe this could be helpful?

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@ptman has been an unmaintained archive since the name change from in 2014. The active replacement is .club, see:

Good question though. That page mentions:
* JSON-based database exchange feeds and defining releases.json.
* Automated release updates from VCS systems and project websites.

... which could be the answer to both our questions.


I don't know of any official metadata standard, but there's a convention that every git tag pushed to the $RELEASE branch, is a release. That's how #FDroid does autoupdates.

@strypey I've never used SPDX documents, but it looks like it does have a version number, so it may be useful. I don't see a release date from my brief skim, though.
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