Having more leading roles for women and actors of ethnic origins other than European isn't something film studios deserve praise for post-2010. It's just a minimum standard for not being dicks. No amount of not-being-dicks makes up for releasing a movie that's a badly plotted, contradictory mess.

It's because of the bad writing, not the diverse cast, that most fans of the original trilogy aren't fans of the prequels or the sequels. The alt-right critics don't speak for most of us, and it's insulting, PR arse-covering by Disney and its apologists to pretend that they do.

Riddle me this: if most fans hated because of the cast being full of women and brown people, how come most of us seem to vastly prefer the , where the only major character who is a white male is the villain (unless you count the ugnaught)? 93% audience approval:

... compared to 43% for TLJ:


Even , also with a female lead and multi-racial supporting cast, is liked by more audiences than TLJ, with 86% audience approval:

Maybe TLJ copped so much flack for the simple reason that it was a dumb, badly-written, boring movie?

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