"Guppe groups look like regular users you can interact with using your existing account on any ActivityPub service, but they automatically share anything you send them with all of their followers. ... New groups are created on demand, just search for or mention @[YourGroupNameHere]@gup.pe* and it will show up"

* without the [], I just didn't want to create a "YourGroupNameHere" group with this post ;)

Let's test this. @trisquel ought to create a group for (if it doesn't already exist).

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@trisquel OK, so that worked, a Trisquel group has been created on the gup.pe instance. If some other folks join it, we can see if it works.
@selea @ademalsasa @davidpgil@qoto.org @davidpgil@qoto.org @davidpgil

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@selea Mastodon doesn't. But through the magic of , users on Mastodon instances can join (by following) and interact with groups handled by instances.
@trisquel @ademalsasa @davidpgil@qoto.org @davidpgil

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