Over and over I come across people saying that is "like FB". It really isn't. It's more like a federated version of G+. The main thing that makes the UI different from Titter or Mastodon is that by default it doesn't have a character limit, and as well as as public or private, posts can be sent only to a group of users defined by the sender.

#GPlus is / was a non-federated clone of Diaspora. When GPlus opened, I immediately knew how to use it because I already used #Diaspora.

Unfortunately, D*'s development stagnated once its focus on confining posts to a selected audience was no longer unique.

@lnxw48a1 OK, do you think the demise of G+ could lead to a resurgence of interest in D* if there was more promotion of the fact that it still has that feature?

@strypey @lnxw48a1 IIRC, Dispora had it's own federation protocol, but I think there were/are plans to add ActivityPub?

I wanted to run my own D* at the time, but it was before the era of full/cheap VMs and the dependencies for it were steep (Mongo, Rails, lots of other stuff) and I was just on a shared host.

Mastodon's dependencies are probably worse, but you can run it all in Docker containers, making it a lot easier to quickly start up an instance.

@slimeblob yes,
Dispora has it's own federation protocol (a variant of ), and last I checked its core team adamantly refused to consider adding . I can see why in a way. D* works quite differently to Titter-a-likes like and . But that didn't stop Mike McG from supporting AP in and later .

@strypey @lnxw48a1 I haven't set up any Hubzilla instances; and I haven't heard of Zap. I want to run more self hosted stuff, but I'm currently at ~$100/month with 4 VMs. I'm planning on moving to a dedicated server soon though.

@slimeblob Zap is natively a app, like Hubzilla, but designed as a social network hub instead of a federated CMS.

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