I want to host a "family social network" so we can get rid of iCloud and share photos of the children growing up without giving our data to the GMAFIA. This led me to lay an eye on #hubzilla, #zap and the #zot protocol

#zot based social networks seem technically superior to #activitypub based ones (such as Mastodon), but unfortunately its general design does not appeal to the average user.

One of Mastodon's strengths was to offer a modern design, appealing to curious users


@thibaultamartin are you sure you need social media tools for this? What about a self-hosted instance, with an account for each family member and friend you want to share photos with? I've been considering doing this for my family.

@strypey @thibaultamartin

Butting in out of curiosity. https://perkeep.org ? Reminds me of IPFS, in how multiple instances end up backing content up automatically.

I should read up on zot.

1 thing ActivityPub-land has is velocity. Mastodon for chat, PeerTube for video, Plume for blog comments (something for photos/albums?).

@wyatwerp hadn't heard of , thanks for the tip.

> something for photos/albums

Nothing that I'm aware of. does photo streams, but not really albums or galleries AFAIK. If implements AP, it could fill that gap.


@cwebber do you know if MediaGoblin has an official fediverse account, or if any of the more active developers working on it are willing to answer questions about it from their own accounts?

@strypey At the time I wrote this, Nextcloud Gallery had severy performance issues.

Also, most of my family uses iDevices, and our photos land on iCloud. I'd love to provide them with a way to:
- upload photos to my NC instance
- create photo album
- share those albums only with the family members they mention
- comment photos

All of the above with the same smoothness as on iCloud.

This is far from the case today, and the iOS app is not reliable for uploading photos.

@strypey Also, with non technical people you can consider you have a "migration credit".

You may get your family to migrate on a new service once, maybe twice, but not much more often. If you "drag" them on a low quality service, you burn that chance for nothing :)

@thibaultamartin I know exactly what you mean. I burned one getting my family onto , only to have problems with my older devices never working or getting abandoned (eg travel laptop due to dumping support), and with getting a reliable connection to use it from inside China. I caved on software freedom and got some of them to set up WeChat, which at least avoids the VPN issue. I expect that's where we'll be stuck, until we move away from China, at the earliest ;)

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