about a new free code chat app called , available for all major mobile and desktop OS:


From the Session homepage:

* you can set up an account without giving a cell phone number or email address
* source code is available for independent auditing, and for re-use under a range of licenses
* messages are sent in a decentalized way, not dependent on centralized servers controlled by a single corporation
* uses proxy routing (and later it will use similar to ) to avoid leaking about who you talk to and when

@strypey So there's a lot to unpack in that document. The #Session onion routing protocol involves using a #blockchain called #Loki to make it difficult for an adversary to control a significant fraction of the nodes and prevent exposing the IP addresses (and therefore identities) of a user and his/her contacts to the same person or group. (As you noticed, Session is not yet using onion requests.)

There's also swarms and attachments and message storage (including attachments), online vs offline messages, multiple device support, spam resistance, a modified version of #Signal's encryption protocol, group chats (3-500 member "closed" groups are end-to-end encrypted like the rest of Session; "open" groups are not, and require an account on a special group server [self-hostable])

Note that all this stuff happens under the covers. It seems that Session will handle most of it without the user ever seeing it. I'm going to query some family members and see whether any would be willing to try this as a secondary channel (for now #Wire is our primary channel). Just adding offline messages is a clear advantage over #Jami, but the lack of audio & video chats is going to limit its usefulness.
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