"Dark Crystal transforms secrets into crystal shards that you can send to trusted friends. If you lose the secret, or something happens to you, your friends can combine the shards to recover the crystal and reveal the secret."

Is this anything to do with or is it just a coincidence?

@cwebber OK, any thoughts on where they are similar and different?

@strypey Just based on the description you typed, it sounds like an implementation of SSS (Shamir's Secret Sharing) ... or something similar.
@strypey out of context this reads like a special magical artifact or a spell

@hyphen @strypey at first I thought this was a synopsis, somehow, of the new(ish) tv adaptation of The Dark Crystal. "Netflix really took a strange direction it".. haha

@von seems to be a discontinued project?

> As of June 2019, Freedom of the Press Foundation has discontinued its work on the Sunder project. For actively maintained implementations of Shamir's Secret Sharing, consider using Mozilla SOPS or Hashicorp Vault.

Oh yeah, it has been discontinued, but it's based on the same principle, and the UI was rather nice

@strypey another curious distribution system...

... low / zero knowledge between links of a chain, but ability to transfer goods, services and currency up and down the chain.

@onan intriguing article, thanks for sharing. Dark Crystal isn't really related to the darknet though, it's a tool for allowing a P2P network (in this case Scuttlebutt) to perform the backup and recovery functions of a cloud server.

@se7en I don't know, but that might be an option? It seems like the default transport is the SSB network.

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