I have a lot of respect for the legacy of , and he clearly respects the legacy of , but listening to these two old men discuss internet regulation on Nader's is truly painful:

For a start, they don't know that FB already enforces real names and have completely missed the long-running debate about the of this:

Everything else in the discussion is about as far behind the 8 ball.

@strypey "real names" All this does is keeps people with privacy concerns away from your platform and pushes them towards platforms which are more likely to radicalize them.

t. ex-8chan user

@allison @strypey
tfw. we live in a world where many people consider "radicalization" to be a good thing....


@Wolf480pl agreed. I strongly dislike the misuse of "radicalization" to describe recruitment by cryptofascists of various flavours (white nationalist, islamist, zionist etc)

I don't think we agree. I dislike the misuse of "radical" to describe strong leftism with which the speaker agrees.

@Wolf480pl "radical" comes from the Latin for "root", and describes the political approach of trying to identify and address the root cause of problems , rather than flailing away at the symptoms, to little lasting effect (reformist politics). "Radicalization", used correctly, refers to the process by which activists learn to dig deeper into causes, not the process of being recruited and indoctrinated by extreme reactionaries (who are the polar opposite of radical).


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