looking at digital TVs and wondering how hard it would be to convert them into simple libre systems. Thinking about a single-board gaming consoles that could be hooked up directly to the hardware inside the TV, replacing the default OS, with games on SDcard or USB 3.0 storage. Then thinking about a standard mount that could be added to the back, to accommodate and connect the console board, allowing it to be easily upgraded for as long as the TV hardware is working.

Maybe this could be something groups like could develop in the future?


I had the exact same thought but as a replacement for the "smart" in smart TV's. There is so much real-estate at the back, a USB-C port that acts like a docking station, in a slot into which you can insert a board of your choice, which runs the software of your choice.

Very unlikely since it is not obsolesence-frienfly.

@wyatwerp not something hardware mass manufacturers are likely to sell, but I was thinking more of a standardized hardware hack that could be sold as an add-on.

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