Some people seem blissfully unaware that the is a federated social *web*, the whole purpose of the tools is to publish stuff for any web user to see. Instead of choosing the right tool for their needs, these folks want us to ...
> burn activitypub to the ground and start over

Whatever AP devs do, determined BadActors can easily circumvent blocks by going to the web page of your feed. What people looking for private discussion spaces need is something like , or rooms, or group chats, or groups, or private Discourse instances, or any one of dozens of other free code tools that exist for private group discussions. But no, they demand we turn the fediverse into those to suit their use case.

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@strypey ActivityPub offers the possibility of private interactions. Check my last posts under the activitypub tag.

In a nut shell, if your recipients don't include the public namespace, the interaction should be private - at least according to the spec. I don't know how existing implementations do it though.

The service I work on supports creating private user accounts if the Create activity for the account doesn't have the public namespace in the recipients list. It's as simple as that.


> ActivityPub offers the possibility of private interactions

The keyword there being "possibility". The fediverse, as currently implemented, is primarily a public-facing microblogging network, with a few multimedia add-ons like and (and very soon ). If there's anything to be learned from the history of social media, and the rollout of Mastodon's DMs, we need to be very careful about adding "private" functionality, and make sure UI promises are kept.

@strypey and this is why people need to stop looking at Mastodon as being the all encompasing solution for the fediverse's future and start doing their own things, or support those who do. :)

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