Hey devs, please consider implementing in your apps:

Like , it's a way for users to change their profile pic/ avatar images in one place and have it propogate across other servies they use. But unlike Gravatar, it's decentralized and not controlled by Automattic. It is fully and compatible with though.

@strypey ooooh awesome! Thanks for sharing. I’ve learned about so many cool projects on the Fediverse!

@cb you're welcome. I notice in your profile you're
> Building a community/fb groups replacement at groups.cbfish.es

If it will be federated with , I'll be sure to add it to the list here:

@strypey I’m not actually _building_ it as in code so much as running a #discourse server and _building_ a place to have small group discussions. I don’t think discourse has any sort of federation, but thank you for the offer! (If you know of any federating message board software, id love to know about it!)


@cb see that list. There's quite a few projects in that space but I haven't tested and compared them much yet.

@strypey aha right on! Should have thought of that. My excuse is it’s 5am where I am and the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet. I’ll check it out!

@strypey I did find out from @clacke that there's AP-compatible groups at gup . pe (don't forget to put the https:// in front; the regular http:// is not enabled).
I do hope that this implementation is compatible with Friendica's "forums" and GS groups (however they'll work once AP support is complete), because it frankly sucks that we have all these incompatible implementations of the same concept. @strypey @clacke

@lnxw48a1 @clacke agreed. I think a lot of dev energy has been soaked up this year transitioning OS apps to AP (GS and pump.io still aren't quite there), and building new AP apps from scratch. I'm hopeful that 2020 will be the year of standardizing things like groups and events between platforms, and hopefully documenting the best practice as formal AP extensions, like XEPs in the community.

@lnxw48a1 Yeah, both Friendica and guppe's groups work like mailing lists and repost what you direct at them, but guppe seems a bit immature. Low overhead to use, as you just follow any arbitrary group to will it into existence, but it reposts more posts than you'd expect (see: social.wake.st/@liaizon/103297… ) and there's no way to keep abusers out of your group, as guppe groups don't have owners.
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