I watched peer.tube and Vimeo yesterday in solidarity with the #youtubewalkout . When I first got on peer.tube there wasn't much there, but it's certainly grown. I found this fun animated vid, 'Copying is Not Theft.' share.tube/videos/watch/a5bcc9 . Vidcommons also posts documentaries on peer.tube. share.tube/accounts/documentar . No ads either. That's really cool! If you are a You Tube content creator, please consider backing up your channel onto peer.tube, like @ChrisWere and share.tube/video-channels/chri


@ewankeep FYI the team runs a full instance at Vidcommons.org, where we add good quality videos under a license or other commons licenses that allow free distribution (stuff in the etc). If anyone would like to suggest videos to add, or get involved, we'd love to hear from you.

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