The is one of 's most prominent daily 'papers of record'. It's "most popular" story of the day, according to a sidebar, is a piece of exhaustively researched public interest journalism entitled;
'Man's farts so deadly he kills mosquitoes in a 6m radius'. This sidebar was next to an article about recent floods Te Wai Pounamu:

@bob I know, right? But Granny Herald is traditionally a broadsheet, the major daily paper of NZ's largest city. Officially not a tabloid. Our tabloids, like the ironically named NZ Truth, have mostly already gone to the wall.

@strypey @bob Journalism everywhere has been in trouble for a long time. For all its liberatory potential, the internet made newspaper journalism largely uneconomical. And so today in the mainstream media we only see churnalism and other shallow stuff, rushed out thoughtlessly at the lowest possible cost. Anything which gets ad clicks.

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