@dilgreen How are you getting on with Tusky on your mobile? I haven't been impressed by iPad apps for accessing Mastodon. But the Pinafore interface in the web browser is at least typographically clean
And you can run Pinafore in the Firefox sidebar on your desktop too

This is me trying pinafore on your recommendation.
Says I can add polls.


@mike_hales @dilgreen
I tried to add a poll but it did not seem to go anywhere...

I've no experience of polls in Pinafore. Good luck keep us posted
@strypey D'you know? You're a Pinafore user?

@mike_hales @strypey @dilgreen
Pinafore offered a button to create a poll. It seemed to be creating the poll. But when I click Toot, the poll disappears.

You may see a toot I just posted from Pinafore that says
"What's better,"
I added a poll to that in Pinafore. The poll does not appear either here in Masto-as-is or in Pinafore.

@mike_hales @bhaugen @strypey @dilgreen Can you provide steps to reproduce? Pinafore has poll support, but there may be a bug depending on some subtle issue here that I'm not aware of. Thanks!

1. Open pinafore.social/ on social.coop
2. In the "What's on your mind"" textbox, enter "Making a poll, will it work?"
3. Click the Add Poll button.
4. Make the choices Yes and No.
5. Click Toot!

Here's the result:

P.S. Running Firefox 70.0.1 on Ubuntu 16.04.

@mike_hales @strypey @dilgreen

P.S. I want polls. Asked for them in a social.coop Loomio thread.

@mike_hales @strypey @dilgreen

@bhaugen @mike_hales @strypey @dilgreen

Ah yes, it looks like social.coop doesn't support polls. social.coop version is 2.6.4, polls were introduced in Mastodon 2.8.0.

- social.coop/api/v1/instance
- docs.joinmastodon.org/api/rest

@mike_hales, can't say with any certainty, it's a bit of a string-length question. Might not be that soon left to me, since I have some paid work that will be occupying me for the foreseeable near future and my efforts to get to grips with this have stalled. But then @nicksellen or @protean may have capacity I don't.


@wu_lee sounds like the classic dilemma I've been seeing since my days. If we want highly skilled geeks to give our needs their full attention, we need to be able to give them secure, ongoing paid hours to do it in. Even paying for hours on a bounty basis doesn't liberate people enough from the struggle to pay rent to get reliable tech support.
@mike_hales @nicksellen @protean @bhaugen

@wu_lee @strypey @mike_hales @protean @bhaugen I think the trouble is the rent is too high rather than the pay too low.

By obtaining things via market mechanisms we're sucked into it all.

There are ways around it, but requires big changes to lifestyle expectations. I'm trying this path now... Let's see how it goes!

@nicksellen agreed, but this is a long term strategy probably requiring a successful post-capitalust revolution. We hoped that approach would keep sufficient volunteer geeks hours available to keep Indymedia infrastructure afloat. Mostly, it didn't. If social.coop and similar operations need geeks now, they need to be creating jobs. They don't need to be as highly paid as corporate gigs, but they need to be more than a temporary dribble.
@wu_lee @mike_hales @protean @bhaugen

Maybe not that long term and does not require a successful post-capitalist revolution. Can be bootstrapped in many ways, most of them being local and requiring organization of collective means of living for a small group. Lots of people are trying. Some have failed. Patterns that work will emerge. Some of the tech cooperatives that appear here in social.coop may be seeds.

@nicksellen @wu_lee @mike_hales @protean

@bhaugen @strypey @wu_lee @mike_hales @protean yes, I'm not waiting for the revolution to come and save us, how long have we been waiting now?

if I can make it* work for me (and with all my privileges it has a higher chance of being possible), then hopefully that is on the pathway for others too.

* where "it", is living low cost and only working on non-capitalist/nice/ethical/whatever projects at substantially lower market rates


@nicksellen all power to you. I've been a professional volunteer for 20 years, living a life of voluntary simplicity, funded by a drip-feed of social welfare benefits. I admire anyone willing to do stuff like this. But the results are in. There aren't enough of us willing or able to do this stuff for the digital commons to outcompete the corporate . New strategies are needed for supporting the commons tech workforce.

@bhaugen @wu_lee @mike_hales @protean

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