It's great that Jimmy Wales is launching a non-advertising news-focused social media.

I can't help feeling a bit sad that he didn't look at ActivityPub first though. Even nonprofits suffer from the Not Invented Here syndrome?

@Tryphon it's easy forget that outside the tech bubble, most people haven't heard of AP. Has anyone written to Jimmy Wales suggesting it?

@strypey yes, someone did. I understand that Wales would not have heard of AP, but a little research would have found it easily.


@Tryphon a little research would have also found XMPP, OStatus, Diaspora, Wave, Zot, Matrix, and others, as well as a multitude of social networks, and the corpses of Appleseed, OneSocialWeb, Tent, OpenBook, and many others. Speaking as someone who's been researching all this for my blog and for years, it's an incredibly confusing space for newcomers, even those with years of web dev experience.

@strypey fair enough. Still a bit sad to see so much duplicated/wasted effort.

@Tryphon is Wales actually doing a federated project though?

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