Watching Justice League for the first time, and honestly, Barry Allen is the best part of this movie. He's supposed to be comic relief, but mostly is the person who brings hope, and more importantly, spends the whole movie caring about *people* and not fighting the CGI.

@silverwizard Agree. Justice League is such a terrible movie and Barry Allen is one of the few good things about it. I enjoyed Wonder Woman and finally got around to watching Man of Steel, and watching Batman vs. Superman properly (originally watched a bad cam rip without having seen MoS). I actually thought they were pretty good. How did Justice League get screw up so badly? I thought Aquaman suffered from many of the same weaknesses, way too much distracting CGI etc.

@strypey Really, I hated Man of Steel and BvS, liked Wonder Woman, and thought Justice League was good when Superman wasn't there.

What did you hate?

Not seen Aquaman yet, but I think it's on Netflix now, so will.

@silverwizard Jason Mamoa is good. Along with the Flash and Gal Godot (who would be an awesome WW despite the most nonsense script), his Aquaman was one of the few things I liked about JL. If you liked JL, you'll probably like Aquaman.

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