I love how little reporters actually understand about the fediverse before they try to write an article. actually I don't love that nevermind

@liaizon if there were a bunch of people who wanted to educate tech journalists about the fediverse (or free code software in general), that might be something that could be done as a project of
@feneas . Their current volunteers are up to their arse in alligators, but they tell me the org could do many more things if people volunteered to do them.


@liaizon it's something anyone could do, but journalists would likely take outreach from a formal org more seriously than from a net rando. It would also allow the outreach to bedone in a coordinated way, where each journalist could have one consistent contact person to ask questions of. Maybe they could even get on-the-record comments for stories from "X, a public educator from the Federated Networks Association", or something like that.

@liaizon Most definitely! It's really up to a suitable person coming up and wanting to do something like this. As @strypey says, as an official non-profit organization there is a bit more weight and credibility.

If someone who is good with words and wants to approach journalists for the better of the federated web, come talk to us 👍
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