has always used Goggle , which annoys human users and requires nonfree , as part of their attempts to prevent spam accounts and issue spam. After a lot of discussion and experimentation, they are currently testing an invisible that will hopefully replace it :

Hopefully this is a sign of the immanent decline of Goggle's unpaid mechanical turking malware, which currently festoons a huge amount of the web.

@strypey This is for user registration only. We are also experimenting to completely remove reCAPTCHA from issues and merge requests:

> nonfree Javascript?

Nonfree as in proprietary

If I'm not mistaken, the code implementing GL's invisible capture will be released under the same free license as the rest of their community edition.

@strypey ok thanks for clarifying. I thought you meant the language itself isn't free. I think the entire underlying machine learning and dataset not being free is a much bigger issue personally.

@toeplitzer agreed, that's why I object to being forced to contribute my labour to them, to get access to huge swathes of the web (via the nonfree reCAPTCHA JS), and I'm excited to see GL make progress in phasing it out.

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