I am in a savings pool. Like a , it allows us to make our savings available to each other as loans. But we don't charge interest on the loans, instead members accumulate savings as they pay off their loans, which become available to them when the loan is paid off. Also, we make decisions about loans by consensus, instead of having a loan officer making final decisions. But we depend on volunteer administrators and we need some banking software to manage the accounting.



https://ledger-cli.org not enough, even as a base? I read that https://hledger.org has a Web interface. Of course, the reports generated may not be in the schema/format for auditors, etc. I only started using it as an individual.

@wyatwerp thanks for the tip, I'll look unto that. Because of the novel way Savings Pools work, we'll probably need some dev work done to make the software fully match our use case. But building on top of a stable banking package could be a lot less work, and less risky, than starting from scratch.


#GnuCash will be up to scratch but its user interface is a bit of a nightmare.

On the other hand, since I guess you'll be mostly just moving amounts across ledgers as opposed to doing invoices, payroll, etc., it might be just bearable. 🙂

Or try the much more basic #KMoney. I wouldn't try to run a business with it but maybe it works for your case.


@0 @strypey @wyatwerp perhaps worth checking ledgersmb.org for fit... used it in the past, very capable, but perhaps not suited to your use case...


Thanks. Interesting project, especially the flexibility for the interface language (different language for different client connections).

@0 @strypey

@lightweight thanks for the suggestion. As with
hledger, it might need some custom development to meet our needs, but I'll definitely check it out.
@0 @wyatwerp

@0 are any of these web-based? We're wanting something that can automate a lot of the grunt work our volunteer admins do, and that savings pool members can use alongside Loomio (ideally using the same login credentials).



Would it be really a good idea to give users direct access to the accounting tool though?

If you're planning to have some sort of web interface maybe just have the users enter their transactions via a form or something and dump that into CSV files (or OFX, whatever your fancy) to be imported manually or automatically into the software?

@wyatwerp @lightweight

> Would it be really a good idea to give users direct access to the accounting tool though?

In this case, yes. The Savings Pool is a cooperative model, all confirmed members are equally trusted, and need access to all the tools.

The transactions data could be automatically updated directly from the bank, the web interface would be mainly for keeping track of each members' savings balance, progress of any loan repayments, and savings points (see: livingeconomies.nz/solutions/s )


By equally trusted you mean considered to be equally honest? Or equally honest and equally good at operating software in general and accounting software in particular?

Keep lots of backups and have a regular and thoroughly tested recovery procedure.


@0 the UI need not be complicated. Internet banking already does most of what you seem to have in mind. At present our admin sends us a spreadsheet once a month, which shows how changes to our shared bank account that month update our internal accounts. What we want is software that will tabulate and present the same interface on a secure, private web UI for each member.

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