There is a special place in hell reserved for the people who designed the way the file system works. What kind of twisted fiend saves photos as one giant file? Not image files inside folders, inside a 'photos' folder like a sensible OS.

One. Giant. File.

One that gets mangled and duplicated with every OS upgrade. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest you armpits!

That's some beautiful curses you came up with. Imagine how much more enjoyable and interesting the internet discussions would be if everyone cursed like that instead of using a generic "fuck".

@Wolf480pl can't take credit for most of those. We had a pretty creative flaming culture at high school and curses were a commons ;)

@strypey erm the photos library is a directory just like their .app bundles

@xj9 OK, but this is a) non-obvious, and b) not achieving anything a tiny metadata file in the root directory of a normal photos folder wouldn't. Or for that matter, just using the photo file metadata and adding tags to it as needed. What is does do, is make it a headache to browse photos with a file manager etc.

@strypey I never used macos, but I know a tree structure is insufficient to store pictures. I mean I sometimes look at my photos by date, and sometimes I want photos of a particular individual (and think of group photos, where should they go to?)

>a tree structure is insufficient to store pictures

That's how they're stored in GNU/Linux, and last time I used it, Windows.

> I sometimes look at my photos by date, and sometimes I want photos of a particular individual

This is what metadata and a sane photo album app is for.


The secret to using macOS is to delete or ignore all of the consumer apps, install brew or MacPorts and treat it as a Unix system.


(Although to be fair, the office suite and Garage Band have both occasionally been worth using.)

@suetanvil or just delete it and use a sane OS that doesn't break stuff every time it gets upgraded ... ;)

@strypey you can “Show Package Contents” and drill down into resources/media/master, but yeah, not power user friendly

do you mean the iPhoto Library file? Isn't that technically still just a folder you can open by right/alt-clicking on it and then selecting Show Package Contents, and locating the Masters subfolder?

@FiXato that's helpful. Thanks. I'll suggest it to my Mac addict ;)

@FiXato @strypey Yes, it is. The Finder shows it as a single file, much like it does with applications, but it's actually a folder.

You can cd to it on the terminal as you would with any other.

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