"The free encyclopedia will not be published in any one place. It will consist of all web pages that cover suitable topics, and have been made suitably available. These pages will be developed in a decentralized manner by thousands of contributors ... No one organization will be in charge, because such centralization would be incompatible with decentralized progress."
- 'The Free Universal Encyclopedia and Learning Resource',

"To ensure that the encyclopedia is indeed free, all software included in articles and courses should meet the criteria of free software ( and open source software
- being inclusive of open source in his 1999 proposal for 'The Free Universal Encyclopedia and Learning Resource'.

He was never the anti-open-source fanatic he's so often been accused of being. He simply points out that it has a different focus from .

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@strypey He was against the kind of "open source" the conglomeracy likes: where they get free shit to earn billions with, and then give pennies back (if anything.)

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